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None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –



A new Proof of Work / Proof of Stake resource with a purpose.
To spread the word of the teachings of the Zeitgeist Movement.
To be used as a complementary currency involved in trading for resources.
99,000,000,000 total ZEIT will be made, enough to involve the longevity of this revolutionary concept.

  • 8 Ingenious Ways To Make A Profit From Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in almost every sector of the world. While many people find it a future financial asset, there are several people against the idea. The opposition has its reasons, like the volatile nature of the market. Some people also think that influencers and powerful people can control the market flow with just a tweet. 

    Similar to the opposing people, the ones who invest in cryptocurrencies have their reasons to do so. Most investors are attracted to the concept of handling their bank and the transparency feature that comes along with it. However, many people are interested in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin but are unaware of how to make profits with them. Crypto casinos are helping gamers to earn cryptocurrencies through games and betting. Sports betting is a good option to make money. Countries like Austria have many betting providers; visit https://wettanbieteroesterreich.at/wettanbieter-ohne-oasis/ to find the most reliable betting providers in Austria. Here are some practical ways that will help those people to make returns from bitcoin.

    • Trading

    This is the most basic method every beginner must know to make profits from bitcoins. Bitcoin trading is the most accessible way for investors as it can be done 24×7 from anywhere around the globe. However, the basic rule of bitcoin trading – invest only what you can afford to lose – must not be forgotten. 

    • Investing

    After trading, the most important part is bitcoin investing. Getting good knowledge about bitcoin investment will teach you to sell your bitcoins at the perfect time. Choosing the right time to buy bitcoins is what plays a vital role in bitcoin trading to make profits. Investors who choose to invest long-term must store their bitcoins in a reliable hardware wallet. 

    • Mining

    Mining is another method that will bring returns from bitcoins. In mining, you will be adding new blocks to the network of bitcoin using blockchain technology. However, you have to solve some cryptographic puzzles to do this. The more puzzles you solve, the more profits you can make from bitcoin. But the difficulty of the puzzle increases with each puzzle solved. Therefore, it is better to join a pool to efficiently solve the puzzles.

    • Micro Earning

    To increase the clicks and transactions on their surveys and videos, several online surveys and advertising videos offer small rewards in the form of bitcoins. Even though you won’t be able to make huge profits through them, you can still consider this method to make some earnings in your free time. 

    • Payment Option

    Many corporations and industries like McDonald’s and Starbucks have started using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins as a payment mode for their loyalty programs. Thus, you can also accept it as a payment option for your services and use it later for trading to make profits. Bitcoin payments also make it easy to make payments without any hassle from anywhere around the globe. Many casinos also accept Bitcoin as payment, as more and more players are looking for secure and convenient ways to gamble online. Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses to players, such as BTC bonuses, which are often offered to attract new players. Learn how to claim a BTC bonus and enhance your overall gaming experience.

    • Lending

    This method is quite similar to the traditional money lending process that will help you to make a profit. This is a passive way to make returns from bitcoins. The lender will have to agree with the borrower that will include the interest rates and the period of repayment.

    • Buy and Hold Method

    In this method, traders will buy bitcoins when their value drops and hold them for months or years until the price increases to make profits. 

    • Affiliate programs

    Becoming an affiliate for bitcoins and promoting various products and services can fetch you returns. By increasing the number of visitors and encouraging them to make purchases and bring you commissions.